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Professional Presentations

We are able to provide professional presentations to groups detailing the financial threats they could face and the benefits of effective Estate Planning, this has become even more popular following Alistair Darlings changes announced in the October 2007 Pre Budget Report, and which now are embedded in the financial landscape, we explore what these changes mean to you and importantly what actions you need to take now.

Our informative educational presentation focuses on the 3 main threats which are Disinheritance, Long Term Care fees and Inheritance Tax. We aim to make the subject interesting and understandable in a lively entertaining manner. We now also cover the essential provision of Lasting Power of Attorney documents together with how we make the process easy for you and your clients whilst also proving a Certificate Provider service.

The professional presentation also includes detail of how associated professionals can provide an Estate Planning service to their clients and contacts. By doing so they can generate additional income streams for the practice.   We are also able to support such professional Introducers by delivering client presentations or Estate Planning seminars to selected groups of their clients. This can be joint branded or form part of your own presentation of your other core services.

We are pleased to have delivered such presentations to groups ranging from 10 persons up to main platform delivery to rooms of 200 plus delegates, receiving excellent feedback and regular re bookings.

If you feel such a presentation would be of interest and relevant to a group known to you please contact us to discuss individual arrangements.