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How do I apply for Asset Angel

We have made it as easy as possible for you to benefit from the  Asset Angel service.

In the first instance simply complete the contact form included on this site.

We will then put you in contact with a local Asset Angel introducer who will help you through the Asset Angel application process. 

The Asset Angel application and guidance notes have been designed to be as easy to complete as possible, allowing you to capture the information needed for The Law Partnership to advise you correctly regarding your Estate Planning needs.

The guidance notes also contain The Law Partnership's Terms and Conditions including important confirmation that all legal advice and documentation will be provided by our in-house team and in association with carefully selected independent solicitor firms..

As soon as we receive your Asset Angel application form we will reconfirm to you the details of our Terms and Conditions. Following these initial formalities we will then commence working on your case.

If the detail within your application indicates a need for additional information we will contact you directly, either by telephone, email or post however you prefer.

The next you will hear from us in when we forward to you draft documents for your perusal, once we receive confirmation back we will then proceed to creating your final legal documentation.

Your Asset Angel documents will then be forwarded to you with clear instructions on how to sign them.  We provide a Freepost envelope for you to then return your signed documents to them to us to confirm correct signature of your documents.

Once verified your documents will be securely stored free of charge. Your own copy of your verified documents will then be returned for your reference and retention.

If you would like to talk to your local Introducer please complete the contact us form.

Our help line   0845 2600 911 is available at any time         

We look forward to helping you to benefit from the protection and peace of mind the Asset Angel service can provide